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gwin_barrelsGwinllan Estate is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery. The owners are Gordon and Chris; their son Jonathan is the consulting winemaker and viticulturist. Gwinllan Estate opened in April of 2013 and has a wine to suit any palate including a crisp and fruity Chardonnay , a semi-sweet Muscat, a Zinfandel, a Rhone blend , a Cabernet Sauvignon and a rich deep Petite Sirah. All three members of the family are passionate about their vines and wines.

The venture started with Gordon’s passion for Zinfandel wines and Rhone blends, which were introduced to him by his father. Gordon has grown grapes and made wine for over 30 years in some difficult locations. He decided it was time to start planning for an early retirement and he wanted to make great wine for himself and the family. This time he would select a location that was ideal for growing Zinfandel and Rhone grapes. He studied the different regions in California from the coastal regions across the central valley and up the Sierra Foothills. He found the best wine flavors in El Dorado County.

As part of Gordon’s research he took part-time courses at UC Davis to make sure he was selecting the right location. For two years he traveled highway 49 looking for the right piece of land at the right elevation to plant his vineyard. The current Gwinllan location was purchased in 2005. At this time Jonathan decided to study viticulture and enology at UC Davis. The enthusiasm multiplied and a modest retirement plan went out of control. Planting started in 2006, followed by the winery construction while the vines grew. Planting continued in the next few years and the first harvest started in 2009. After years of aging the wine underground in our wine cave Gwinllan Estate finally opened this year. All fruit for our wines is grown on the property. Next year a Provence-style Grenache rosé will be available, a Zinfandel port and very dry Riesling. For more information, please visit our website at

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