Access to the FairPlay Winery region is OPEN. All roads are open to FairPlay including Bucks Bar Road and East 16 (Mount Autumn Road) from the west (Sacramento /Plymouth). The only road closure is East 16, 1/4 mile East of Grizzly Flat/Bucks Bar Road.
We look forward to seeing you!

Fair Play Wine Festivals

In 2015, the Wineries of Fair Play will be celebrating 4 Festivals. The festivals are all association events and wineries will participate in all kinds of ways! The wineries are free to create a unique and exciting experience for you to enjoy! The four annual festivals are:

The Chocolate and Wine Festival – February 2016
The Wine and Cheese Festival – June 2015
The Wine and Art Festival – August 2015
The Fair Play Holiday Festival – December 2015

Be sure to check the events section during these festivals to see what each winery is doing!