The Wineries Of Fair Play

Famous for producing robust, full bodied wines with rich varietal character.


Wines with Altitude

At an average elevation of between 2,000 and 3,000 feet, our vines are some of the highest in California.


It's All About the Wine!

This is World-Class wine country!

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Fair Play Wine Festivals

In 2015, the Wineries of Fair Play will be celebrating 4 Festivals. The festivals are all association events and wineries will participate in all kinds of ways! The wineries are free to create a unique and exciting experience for you to enjoy! The four annual festivals are:

The Chocolate and Wine Festival - February 2016
The Wine and Cheese Festival - June 2015
The Wine and Art Festival - August 2015
The Fair Play Holiday Festival - December 2015

Be sure to check the events section during these festivals to see what each winery is doing!